Monday, September 13, 2010

Nature takes over

Hansel & Grettel (concepts & sketches)

These drawings came out of some cool assignments we had while studying with the great Lisa Keene, The goal of that class was to come up with a new take of the classic story of Hansel and Grettel.
My version took place in a neon color Wong Kar Wai-inspired city; Inhabited by lonely kids, premature parents and Harajuku puppet slaves.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Why "Alonso The Wise"

Well, My great grandma who we used to call "Maye" was a magical woman indeed. She looked like a classic fairy tale granny and she was famous for playing the piano and telling stories. But she was also mysterious and unpredictable; She moved with the wind and made list of enemies sometimes. She named me "Alonso el Sabio" as in "Alfonso el Sabio" King of Castile, though I was probably five years old when she was still with us. Once, she hand-wrote me one of the most beautiful letters someone has ever dedicated to me and she signed it in beautiful flourish letters "Maye Dinamita" (Dynamite Maye)

HappyLand (continued)


What can I say? Jung Hwan Park is a magic wizard that's all. He kept a calm head in our darkest hour and we were able to make a feel good skit that features music by an Indonesian band called Mocca.
I designed characters and backgrounds for the short, inspired by the sketches of classic designs by Disney Imagineers.

Jesús Serrano - acrobat, juggler and clown

Name Cards for Jesus Serrano

I designed this business cards for my friend Jesus Serrano who is like brilliant and you should check his video on Youtube
(or here since I posted it)

Hey Let's Go, Hey Let's Go!

Last Producers' Show opening turned out awesome thanks to the effort of a bunch of cool CalArtians. I was in charge to do the background and design the props for the Totoro opening spoof. Then lots of people animated them and Ethan Metzger composited the whole thing.

And I did the logo for our team's t-shirt! Thanks Maija!

Some pages for Haiti Benefit Children's Book

In January, I collaborated to create a children's book which proceeds were meant for the benefit of the victims of the Haiti earthquake and to send them a gift copy of the book. This was a collective of illustrations by various artists and the text was created by CalArts graduate Noah Gilbert.